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The Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) maintains a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) designed to advance the overall mission of the airport by planning, designing and building infrastructure to meet the airport's current and future needs. Key goals are to maintain safe and efficient airport operations. Some of the key recent or pending capital expenditures include:

SPLOST Rd | Construction

General Perry Smith Parkway (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax-SPLOST) Project

Proposed Completion Date: Winter, 2016

Construction Value: $7,617,400.00

Description: The primary goal of this project will be to provide the needed infrastructure to develop a roadway into the southeast quadrant of the Airport. This will allow emergency and airport operations vehicles access to the south side of the airport in the event of potential disasters or accidents or for on-going maintenance of the property.

The new roadway and infrastructure will also open airport property for potential development opportunities. The lack of access to this side of the Airport has been an impediment in bringing aviation related companies to the Airport.

The primary tasks associated with this project will include:

Completed Tasks:

* Land Acquisition of approximately 52 acres- Value $549,512
* Project Design- Value $928,578
* An Enviromental Assessment associated with the project to ensure there are no enviromentally related issues - Value $100,000
* Construction of roadway and infrastructure to include drainage and utilities improvements - Value $6,039,310

Upcoming Tasks:
* Landscaping
* Signage installation
* Cosmetic finalization

Funding: SPLOST is the only source of funds that the Airport can use without burdening Airport users and adversely affecting airline service to Augusta-Richmond County. There are eligibility and priority issues associated with federal funding and the existing Airport Financial Plan has programmed federal and state grants for renovation of existing pavement and facilities.

Ramp Rehab | Construction

Ramp Rehabilitation (Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax-TSPLOST) Project

Proposed Completion Date: Winter, 2015

Construction Value: $8,529,300.00

Description: On July 31 2012 Georgia voters approved a $538,965,884 Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST). Augusta Regional Airport will receive $8,400,400 from the fund to renovate the airfields ramp pavement. This project will rehabilitate the 13 acres located east of the main terminal and south of the general aviation terminal. The result of this project will allow for low maintenance ramp parking for commercial aircraft. This project is scheduled to begin in 2014.

Taxiway A Extension | Construction

Taxiway A Extension

Proposed Completion Date: Fall, 2016

Construction Value: $6,403,500.00

Description: Currently Taxiway A extends from the north end of runway 17 to the intersection of Taxiway B at midfield. In addition to a rehabilitation of taxiway A, there are plans to extend it 2,700 feet. This extension will enhance safety on the main ramp and will allow for much needed additional aircraft parking space. The design of this project is scheduled to start in late summer with construction beginning in 2014 pending approval of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funding.

Master Plan

Proposed Completion Date: Fall, 2015

Project Value: $627,560.00

Description: The Augusta Regional Airport Commission have selected nationally recognized airport planning and engineering firm Mead & Hunt to lead the consulting team that will prepare an update of the Airports master plan. This plan examines the airports existing operational patterns to create a growth forecast for the next twenty years. Once completed, a long-term facility concept is created that will illustrate the future potential development plans for the airport. The process to prepare the master plan will involve regular meetings with an input committee, represented by a variety of airport representatives along with a regional citizen advisory group.

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