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Helpful Reminders

Helpful Reminders for Aircraft Operators utilizing Augusta Regional Airport during Masters 2018.


We are extremely proud and fortunate to have this annual event and want to ensure a safe and efficient transition from your aircraft to the hallowed grounds at Augusta National. In preparation for Masters 2018, we have continued to evaluate and fine-tune all areas to improve the overall safety, security, and customer service efficiency at the Airport.

  • AGS will continue to park aircraft on the main apron until capacity has been reached. Historically this occurs on Tuesday afternoon.
  • AGS will close Runway 8/26 and Taxi way E to offer additional space for aircraft parking.
  • The additional aircraft parking area will be referred to as “the East Operation”, the east operation will offer a satellite FBO with all the amenities that the Airport’s main FBO facility provides. This area is located off Doug Barnard Parkway, which is 2 miles south from the Airport’s main entrance. (Guidance or Directional Signage will be available)
  • A new drop off/pick up location has been established at the General Perry Smith Parkway Entrance for customers utilizing this “East Operation” area. This will provide for a more efficient transfer from/ to aircraft in this area. It also bypasses the main FBO and saves time when arriving or departing from this area. 
  • Courtesy Shuttles will be available to take customers and crews to the Main FBO. The airport shuttle takes approximately 5-10 minutes in duration from either location. The Airport has increased shuttle frequency to relieve wait times. Additionally, staff support has been increased to improve overall efficiency.
  • Due to aircraft volume, we strongly encourage operators to request aircraft services in advance to prevent service delays at departure.
  • Aircraft relocation is likely, we ask that operators leave their emergency breaks off in order to facilitate aircraft towing.
  • The airport remains open throughout the duration, but direct access to the East Operation is limited to 7am- 10pm daily. After hour’s access to the East Operations must be coordinated through the Airport’s Main FBO facility.

With Masters being the largest sporting event in the world, we take great pride in our ability to safely accommodate as many operators as we can.  With this designation, comes a huge responsibility to ensure a smooth and uneventful transition from airplane to the golf course.  Months of planning and coordination is done in the background to manage all of the operation’s complexities. We have learned from past experiences, and have made great strides to improve efficiency every year. We are extremely excited about Masters 2018 and we look forward to having you join us!









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