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AGS's TSA now Offers TSA Pre ✓ during Peak Hours!

Augusta Regional Airport's (AGS) Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will begin offering daily TSA Pre ✓ screening starting March 15, 2018 during the peak operating hours of 4:00 a.m. thru 8:00 a.m. In order to accommodate this service, AGS will open a dedicated queue and TSA will operate an additional screening lane during this period.

Should you depart AGS outside of this peak period, TSA will offer similar expedited screening procedures to those TSA Pre ✓ qualified passengers.

Eligible passengers qualify for TSA Pre ✓? by applying, submitting to a background check, and if approved are granted a Trusted Traveler Number (TTN). Other selected frequent flyers from time-to-time may also be designated for TSA Pre ✓.

Please read differentiating screening descriptions below:

TSA Pre ✓ These passengers are NOT required to remove their shoes, belts, light jackets, laptops, or liquids.

Expedited Screening: These passengers are NOT required to remove their shoes or light jackets.

"The Augusta Regional Airport has grown tremendously over the past decade. We are excited to reintroduce the TSA Pre ✓ amenity to our passengers. TSA Pre ✓ will be especially beneficial for our business and frequent flyers as well as helping to increase security checkpoint throughput during our morning peak period." Said, Herbert Judon Jr., Airport Executive Director. "We would like to thank the community for your support."

Passengers interested in enrolling in the TSA Pre ✓ program can learn more by visiting

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