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Augusta Regional Airport Curb Enforcement Implementation!

Starting Monday, October 1, 2018, the Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) will heighten enforcement of unattended vehicles and extended parking adjacent to the terminal building. Vehicle stopping will be limited to immediate loading and unloading only. Since 9/11, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has directed that this measure be taken at U.S. Commercial Service Airports.

The Augusta Regional Airport, with the assistance of the Augusta-Richmond County Marshals Office, will strictly enforce this rule. Violators may be subject to citations and/or have their vehicles towed.

"Our Airport remains extremely accessible. However, this is an important measure to ensure the safety of all Airport passengers, employees, and other users," said Herbert L. Judon Jr., Airport Executive Director. "Additionally, as we grow, the access road and terminal curbside must remain fluid."

If you require extended time to wait for or see off passengers, the Airport provides free parking for the first 30 minutes. Should you or your party need assistance accessing the terminal or help with luggage, the Airport employs customer service personnel called PALS (Passenger Assistance Liaisons) who can be identified by a royal blue polo. Lastly, the Airport is working on additional measures to make the facility more accessible and heighten the customer experience. Many of these projects can be viewed at

For more information on the legislation associated with this enforcement, please review the Augusta Richmond County ordinance (C.O. 3-5-93) and State Statue (OCGA 40-6-203).

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