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AGS Local Artist Exhibition

Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) is pleased to provide the traveling public with art from local area artists which highlight the beautiful artistry of the CSRA!

The Augusta Regional Airport's Art Committee selected this local artist to have her work on display in the Airports' commercial terminal.

Her work will be on display from April - June.

Christine Merchant

Merchant Photo-L | Current Artists Exhibitions

I grew up on a small town of less than 5,000 people. When I was seven I took my first ballet class and absolutely loved it. That was the only year I could take classes. Flash-forward to 2000, and my studio has become the golf course. I love capturing the intensity in a player's moves, the energy in a swing and the landscape.

The golf and ballet idea came to me in January 2016. I saw a photo of a lovely, delicate ballerina, dressed all in white and en pointe in an otherwise grungy New York City street scene. The contrast was striking and caught my attention. It made me wonder what it would be like to combine my two passions.

It was my husband who made the connection between the two types of
athletes, telling me about what golfers and ballerinas have in common: the hours and hours of work that no one sees, just for one event; the abuse their bodies take. They both make it look easy and natural, but it isn't. And so, "Ballerinas on the Green," was born.

To view more of Christine's work you can visit her website at

Christine Merchent Resume Christine Merchent Resume

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