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FBO Artists

The Airport recently constructed a new General Aviation Terminal. Within this new terminal building, local artists have showcased their artwork in the main lobby area. These artists have generously loaned their pieces to be displayed for CSRA visitors to view as they pass through the terminal.

Stephanie Willingham

Stephaine Pic | FBO Artists

HAM's art usually includes the use of nature, such as trees and colors, which are used to symbolize human life. She believes nature empowers us, and it can alter our inner beings and give a sense of a higher power. Its energy, rhythms, and cycles for life and death can help us learn about the inner workings of life, and can even be a point of access to internal life, the "stuff" we don't often see on the outside as we go through our daily lives and. By observing this natural energy of life and taking cues from what we observe, we can learn a lot about how we can function at our best.

HAM's use of trees is not only bold and beautiful, but they are symbolic for life. They can symbolize fertility, balance and stability, learning and growth, harmony and grace, As well as strength, firmness, and power. In her work, she has taken on trees as a metaphor for life. Manipulating the lifeless trees speaks to the notion of overcoming something. With the addition of other elements that bring "agile" to the work, HAM implies that a ?New Life' or meaning can be brought to the form to transcend mere associations of death or dying of the old "things".
HAM?s work is not a study, but more so an experience of life. She hopes her work help others get a sense of self worth, inspiration, and spiritual love, peace and joy using the various chosen materials such as, but not limited to; broken glass, real trees, sculpted trees, cement, ready-mades, and oil paint.

Ham regularly exhibits nationally and has shown with various artist. She has won numerous awards, grants, and residencies, most recently at the 600 Street summer residency. Her art is held in the Municipal Building, in downtown Augusta GA, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. She holds an Associates in Graphic Design, as well as a BFA in Ceramics and Sculpture. Ham is currently based in Augusta, Georgia.

Dawn M. Cardona

Dawn Pic | FBO Artists

Dawn M. Cardona is an aspiring children's book illustrator and freelance artist. She has been cutting out her intricate and playful illustrations entirely by hand (with a pair of scissors and glue) since 2004. She is a self-taught artist, having earned a (practical) B.S. degree in Environmental Science at The University of Texas at San Antonio, who finally gave in to her itch to make art to bring smiles to faces far and wide. Dawn now lives and works out of her home in North Augusta, South Carolina with her family and Heeler pup, Magnolia.

Children's Illustrations by Dawn M. Cardona of N. Augusta. Click here to view her website.

Linda Hartough

Linda Art | FBO Artists

Since focusing her skills as a landscape painter to recreate some of the world's most beautiful golf holes, Linda Hartough has become recognized as one of golf's leading artists. So extraordinary and realistic is her attention to detail that her oil paintings seem to come alive with a clarity that surpasses the camera.

Her work has gained international fame. She is the only artist ever commissioned by the United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews to do the annual, official paintings and prints for the U.S. Open and British Open Championships. She has painted prestigious golf courses from the U.S. to Scotland to Hong Kong. Her paintings are so admired that they have earned a place on two ABC Television Golf Specials on famous golf holes hosted by Jack Nicklaus. Her paintings are in the collections of such famous clubs as Augusta National, Pine Valley and Laurel Valley. Hartough originals are also included in the private collections of Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones and Rees Jones.

A confirmed artist since the age of six, Linda was raised in the picturesque country sides of Wilmington, Delaware and Louisville, Kentucky. Much of her early career was spent in Chicago where, after receiving her Fine Arts degree from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1970, she made a living by selling her paintings locally. In 1980, Linda moved to South Carolina near Hilton Head where, she painted landscapes, portraits and horses.

In 1984, Augusta National Golf Club commissioned her to paint the famed 13th hole, thus beginning her golf landscape career. After an enormous response to her work at the 1988 PGA Show in Orlando, Linda focused her career entirely on golf landscapes. Since that time, Linda's work has enjoyed unparalleled status in the golf world, while receiving international acclaim including Golf Digest's "Lifetime Achievement Award." Linda is privileged to be a Founding Trustee of the Academy of Golf Art, a professional society of golf artists established in 2004 to create an awareness and appreciation of golf art as a valuable segment of fine art.

Linda's approach to capturing a great golf hole is by spending a week or more at each course, taking photographs at different times of the day to capture all possible lights. She then figures out what is important or memorable in each view of a hole and makes sure this is included in the painting. Her memory serves as a less objective image of the hole. The combination of the two provides the unique view found in each of her paintings.

"I really enjoy painting golf landscape. It is some of the most beautiful and varied landscape in the world combined with a deep, historical sense of tradition that transcends time. The painting is a success when both elements emerge."

Canvas Paintings by Linda Hartough of Hilton Head, South Carolina . Click here to view her website.

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