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Helpful Reminders

Helpful Reminders for Aircraft Operators utilizing Augusta Regional Airport during Masters 2020.


  • Once your trip is confirmed, please login to to enter arrival and departure information. We encourage all operators to provide all flight details to include handling/fuel request, hotel, car rentals reservations, etc.
  • Due to air saturation and potential ATC initiated ground delay programs, please avoid high arrival peak times between the hours of 7am – 9am Wednesday November 11th – Friday November 14th
  • To accommodate the influx of aircraft traffic, AGS will close Runway 8/26 and Taxi way E to offer additional aircraft parking.
  • This auxiliary aircraft parking area will be referred to as the “East Operation”, the east operation will offer a satellite FBO with all the amenities that the Airport’s main FBO facility provides. This area is located off Lock and Dam Rd.

           Physical address: 3006 Lock and Dam Court Augusta, Georgia 30906

  • Rental Car agency will be allowed to stage customer rental vehicles at the East Operation location for Customer Pick-Up and Drop off. Ground Transportation and Ride sharing companies will also be allowed to stage their vehicle in this area as well. 
  • Courtesy golf cart transportation will be provided for all arrivals/departures and subsequent pilot trips to and from their aircraft. 
  • Courtesy Shuttles will be also available to take customers and operators to the Main FBO if so desired.
  • Food Service and Hospitality provided by Standard Aero and Textron Aviation.
Masters 2020 FBO Locations  | Helpful Reminders

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