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Shadow Program

The mission of the Augusta Regional Airport's High School Level Shadow Program is to provide students interested in the aviation industry the opportunity to shadow professionals within the field to gain knowledge and experience through the use of observation, class work and occasional hands-on opportunities.

The Airport's Shadow Program is in correlation with the requirements set forth by the state of Georgia and South Carolina's Departments of Education.

The Shadow Program consists of on-the-job shadowing and the completion of a final project designed to meet the needs of the student by fulfilling the scholastic obligations set forth by the attending High School, while providing useful insight to the industry, its needs and the various careers available.

The student will be exposed to the operation, development, and maintenance of the Airport, and may assist in reviewing documents and participating in presentations related to the examination, analysis, and assessment of various aspects of the Airport.


The Augusta’s Aviation Industry High School Shadow Program emphasizes self-motivation and flexibility, requiring the participants to be reliable, interested in learning and hard working. This prospectus serves as your guide through our Shadow Program which is structured to resemble the dynamic aviation industry: Participants must:

  • Be enrolled at a high school or charter school located in Richmond or Burke County.
  • Have an interest in Aviation and/or its related fields.
  • Be at least sixteen (16) years old.
  • Be enrolled in either the 11th or 12th grade level.
  • Be able to participate in the Shadow Program for at least ten (10) hours a week, twenty (20) hours a month during a one (1) month period, which will occur during the month of June.
  • Must be able to spend time at both Augusta Regional Airport and Augusta Aviation-Daniel Field Airport.
  • Please Note: Shadow Program participation will be without pay, eligibility for vacation or sick leave or other benefits offered to Airport employees.


We are currently taking applications for the 2018 Shadow Program.

If you go to school in Richmond County, please contact Nikia Johnson at 706-826-1000 to fill out an application.

If you go to school in Burke County, please contact Sean Middleton at to fill out an application.

Please NOTE: The Shadow Program is currently open to Richmond County and Burke County Students Only. Deadline for applications is May 11th.

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