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Proposed Amendment to PFC "IMPOSE AND USE" APPLICATION #4



RE: Proposed Amendment to PFC "IMPOSE AND USE" APPLICATION #4

The Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) submits this notice, in accordance with 14 CFR 258 of the Passenger Facility Charge Regulation (PFC Regulation), of a consultation meeting with the air carriers serving AGS.

As required by the PFC Regulation, AGS will present the projects that are proposed for "Impose and Use" PFC funding in Amendment to Application #4 and described in this notice. AGS intends to continue PFC Collection at the maximum allowable $4.50 per enplaned passenger level for all of the proposed projects. The total amount to be collected in Amendment to Application #4 is $277,851. The proposed Effective Date is November 1, 2027 and the estimated expiration date for this Application is January 1, 2028.

The PFC Regulation requires airline and public notification of potential PFC funded projects

Public comments on this Notice must be submitted in writing to Risa Bingham, Finance Director and DBELO at or by mail at Augusta Regional Airport, 1501 Aviation Way, Augusta. GA 30906. Comments are due by June 22, 2020.

The descriptions of the "Impose and Use" Projects proposed for funding in Amendment to Application #4 are provided in the pages that follow.

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